Things to Consider When Choosing a Leasing Agent for Your Atlanta Property

Things to Consider When Choosing a Leasing Agent for Your Atlanta Property

About one in 10 rentals in Atlanta are now sitting vacant. The longer your rental property is empty, the less passive income you'll generate. Instead of letting it collect dust, find a leasing only service in Atlanta.

Not sure how to choose a leasing agent you can trust? You'll need to consider their experience, responsiveness, and more. Read on to discover how to make an informed choice!

Years of Experience as a Leasing Agent

To start your search, consult your professional network. Ask your peers if they've hired a leasing agent in the past. If they have, ask about their experience working with the agent.

Prepare a list of questions you want to ask. For example:

  • Are they aware of market trends?
  • How long did it take them to fill the vacancy?
  • Would you hire them again?
  • Did you encounter any problems?
  • What other services do they offer?

Otherwise, complete a Google search to find agents and client reviews. Reading reviews will help you find a trustworthy leasing agent.

Determine how long each agent has offered services. Find someone with years of experience and expertise. These agents are less likely to make costly mistakes.

Local Leasing Management Expertise

Before choosing an agent, ask questions about Atlanta's current rental market. They should have thorough knowledge of Atlanta market trends and rental rates. Their local experience can give you a competitive advantage.

Comprehensive Services

You may need more than a leasing service. Determine if the agent offers a suite of property management services. Their services can help you become a successful real estate investor.

These could include:

  • Inspections
  • Evictions
  • Maintenance
  • Rent collection
  • Marketing
  • Tenant screening

Prioritize agents that offer tenant screening services. This leasing service will help you avoid stressful renters.

Otherwise, you may select a renter who has a long eviction history. Perhaps they've damaged previous properties or failed to pay rent.

Choosing the do-it-yourself route could lead to inaccurate information. You could unintentionally neglect anti-discrimination laws. Outsourcing will save you time and money while ensuring compliance.


Ask each agent about their leasing service. Learn more about the processes they use. Consider asking:

  • How long will the property sit on the market?
  • What strategies do you recommend?
  • How can you maximize my rental income?

The agent should be open and transparent. They should provide regular updates regarding your property. If they leave you in the dark, you may not realize there's an issue until you've lost money.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Gather quotes from three Atlanta leasing agents. Determine what's included with each leasing service and how they determine pricing. Comparing costs will help you recognize the local average.

Ask if they can negotiate vendor discounts or use technology to increase efficiency. Look for agents who can maximize your rental income.

Choose a Leasing Only Service Today

Don't rush to hire a leasing agent. Instead, use these tips to do your due diligence. Vetting each option will ensure you choose the right leasing only service based on your needs.

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We use proven strategies and technology to maximize each client's profitability. Contact us today to request our leasing service.