Rental Property Marketing Tips for Atlanta Investors

Rental Property Marketing Tips for Atlanta Investors

Did you know that Atlanta has the highest median rent in the United States? As prices climb, it's difficult for a property investor to find tenants. How can you utilize your properties with rent strangling out so many potential tenants?

If you're struggling with property marketing, we're here to help. Read on for a quick guide on how best to advertise your Atlanta real estate.

Highlight the Right Features

One crucial part of your rental property marketing is to highlight the right features. When homeowners are in charge of marketing, they often miss some of the most impressive features.

Look into your investment property and find what's most impressive about the home. Is it close to desirable areas such as downtown, markets, or tourist destinations? These areas can often cause a premium, as many people want to live near them.

Another choice is to highlight recent renovations or improvements. If you've had the roof repaired or improved the home in other ways, these are good marketing features. Tenants are happy to live in a home that recently had attention paid to the details.

Find Competitive Pricing

As rent increases, many tenants have stopped searching simply due to not being able to afford rent. One of the best real estate marketing tips is to price the property properly.

Do your best to list a competitive price that won't restrict your pool of potential tenants. You can do this by lowering the price or by providing lower rent. Making your home slightly cheaper than your competition can make it much easier to find reputable tenants.

List at the Right Time

Did you know there are peak times in the real estate season? Atlanta enjoys higher activity in the real estate market during the spring and summer months.

If you list your home around this time, you'll have more interested tenants. Renting out a home in winter can make it sit for months before renters show interest.

Advertise Online

Advertising online is another important step. Many property investors will focus on word-of-mouth or signs. A simple advertisement will help, but it won't attract as many eyes.

Instead, focus on online marketing. Social media is the best place to list a home in order to have it reach more eyes.

Use popular platforms like local Atlanta Facebook pages or a real estate Instagram account. These seemingly-minor advertisements will reach a much larger audience. There are also many online platforms such as Zillow that are meant specifically for advertising properties.

Perfecting Your Property Marketing

Property marketing is one of the most difficult parts of the process of finding tenants. You'll need to tap into as many markets as possible to get your property in front of potential tenants. Once you've done so, highlight the proper features and time your home's listing for the best effect.

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