5 Tips for Streamlining Maintenance Coordination in Your Atlanta Rental Property

5 Tips for Streamlining Maintenance Coordination in Your Atlanta Rental Property

Under Georgia law, landlords are required to keep their rental properties in livable conditions. Providing a habitable living space is easier with a maintenance coordination strategy in place.

Maintenance coordination allows you to make quick and effective repairs. Stay compliant with landlord-tenant laws by learning how to streamline maintenance. Here are the top five strategies to implement.

1. Clear Communication

Open communication is the foundation of maintenance coordination. Establish clear channels of communication with tenants so that they can report issues with ease.

Using an online platform, like a tenant portal, allows tenants to submit maintenance requests. Prompt reporting lets you tackle small problems before they escalate. Encourage tenants to report problems right away.

In addition to tenants, it's important to clearly communicate with contractors. This way, they will know when they need to be on the job.

2. Regular Property Inspections

Scheduled inspections can help you identify potential property maintenance issues. Assess the condition of these areas often:

  • Common areas
  • The rental unit
  • The exterior

If you hire a property management team in Atlanta, they will complete regular property inspections for you. They will check for wear and tear and other safety hazards.

Addressing issues can save you money on pricey repairs in the future and keep your tenants happy.

3. Property Maintenance Calendar

Creating a property maintenance calendar is a valuable tool for coordinating maintenance. Add these regular tasks to your calendar:

A proactive approach to property maintenance should not be overlooked. Share the maintenance calendar with tenants so that they know what to expect. They'll be made aware of upcoming repairs and inspections in advance.

Maintenance transparency can help foster collaboration and maintain active lines of communication.

4. Prioritize Urgent Repairs

Not all maintenance problems are emergencies. You should know how to differentiate between routine repairs and urgent matters.

A leaking toilet that could flood a unit is an emergency and should be at the top of your priority list. Replacing an HVAC filter is something that can wait if there are other priorities on the list.

Establish a protocol for addressing emergency repairs. Keep a network of solid contractors who can provide quick and adequate services.

5. Hire Property Management Services

Rental property management services can help with property repairs and maintenance coordination. These companies are experts at making things easier for landlords.

These professionals know a lot about maintenance and have good relationships with repair people.

A property manager will be ready to fix things in your rental fast. This is beneficial when you have urgent matters.

Let Us Help You With Maintenance Coordination

The best landlord advice we can provide on maintenance coordination is to work with a property management company.

Property managers at PMI Atlanta West make maintenance a priority with clear communication, regular property inspections, a property maintenance calendar, and urgent repairs.

For over 20 years, we've helped property owners in Atlanta with maintenance coordination and more. Let us help you increase the value of your asset over time. Contact us today to learn more about our services.